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  Online seit: 14.07.2017
HEAD OF PRODUCT MANAGEMENT IN PHARMACY AUTOMATION  | Art: Vollzeit  | Befristung: unbefristet  | Festanstellung
Head of Product Manager
  Online seit: 13.12.2016
MARKETING ASSISTANT INTERNSHIP  | Art: Vollzeit  | Befristung: befristet  | Praktikum
La risorsa inserita si occuperà principalmente delle seguenti attività:
​Analisi del mercato Healthcare nel quale opera Swisslog, con aggiornamento di Market Database e creazione di un Market Survey a supporto dell’analisi. L’analisi sarà sviluppata utilizzando Web, Datareport..;
​In collaborazione con il responsabile Sales Training, upload del materiale di training su piattaforma web;
​Supporto a Marketing per creazione Marketing tools (digitali principalmente) ed eventi;
Supporto al team Sales Enablement e Sales Europe nell'organizzazione dei viaggi e predisposizione note spese.

  Online seit: 31.05.2016
SW MANAGER  | Art: Vollzeit  | Befristung: unbefristet  | Festanstellung

  Online seit: 18.05.2016
Il candidato/a sarà inserito bel reparto Operations e collaborerà a stretto contatto con il Responsabile di Produzione allo svolgimento delle seguenti attività:
Controllo approntamento, gestione packlist e supervisione alle spedizioni macchine
Controllo stato di avanzamento lavoro di commessa e reporting
Gestione controllo costi manodopera e materiali
Attività Kaizen in produzione ( attività lean Production)
Gestione Kanban in produzione studio rotazione articoli di magazzino per rendere efficaci il livello di stock di magazzino
Supporto all' attività dell' ufficio acquisti nella stesura contratti quadri con fornitori
Partecipazione agli audit qualitativi con fornitori
Coinvolgimento alla mappatura dei processi di produzione e ricerca attività di miglioramento.


Invia la tua candidatura al seguente indirizzo mail:

  Online seit: 16.01.2018
Spare Parts Manager  | Art: Vollzeit  | Befristung: unbefristet  | Festanstellung
Zur Verstärkung des Teams in Buchs AG suchen wir eine flexible und selbständige Persönlichkeit als Spare Parts Manager.
  Online seit: 15.01.2018
Software Engineer - Long Term Care  | Art: Vollzeit  | Befristung: unbefristet  | Festanstellung
The Software Engineer is responsible for maintaining, debugging, and improving existing InSite dispensing products and contributes towards the future design for InSite dispensing products, working as a member of the product development team.

The Engineer will receive tasks and bug reports, investigate the requirements to implement new features and repair flaws, participate in design discussions, and develop and test code; participate in code reviews; document code and other software artifacts and processes. Throughout, the Engineer will be a member of an active team working in an agile process with task management, daily scrum, and other meetings as needed. The Engineer will design and develop code according to industry best practices, and the team regularly discusses and evolves our expectations for code and design quality and documentation.

  Online seit: 15.01.2018
Senior Software Developer  | Art: Vollzeit  | Befristung: unbefristet  | Festanstellung
The Senior Software Development Engineer is responsible to understand the existing Long Term Care (LTC) dispensing product and work with the team to architect and implement an AWS-based SaaS solution. As a key member of the Software Development team, the Senior Software Development Engineer will play a central role in a strategic initiative - transitioning the existing client server based solution to AWS based SaaS solution which architecturally can be extended to support multiple product lines.
  Online seit: 15.01.2018
DevOps Engineer  | Art: Vollzeit  | Befristung: unbefristet  | Festanstellung
The DevOps Engineer is responsible for a wide range of systems design, build out, and operational support for Swisslog HCS which includes pharmacy automation software and pharmacy automation analytics platform. As a key member of our team, the DevOps Engineer will play a central role in two strategic initiatives - validating and maintaining our Analytics Platform infrastructure to the customers, and evolving our build and deploy process towards continuous delivery. The DevOps team is responsible for managing and supporting the operation of test systems used by the Development organization, and the production systems used by our paying customers. We collaborate with IT resources, Development teams and other DevOps team members to deploy new functionality and solve critical issues while improving the customer experience.
  Online seit: 15.01.2018
Simulation System Analyst  | Art: Vollzeit  | Befristung: unbefristet  | Festanstellung
The Simulation System Analyst plays a crucial role on our design and estimating team, supporting our overall sales initiatives. S/He develops, customizes and implements Simul8 simulation platform for use in healthcare analytics. Development and administration is to include pneumatic tube systems, automated drug management systems and autonomous mobile robots. Responsible for training of simulation user teams on developed solutions.
  Online seit: 15.01.2018
IT Administrative Assistant  | Art: Vollzeit  | Befristung: unbefristet  | Festanstellung
This key role will provide administrative support for the IT support groups across Swisslog North America. Swisslog is a leading supplier of automation and software solutions for material transport and medication management that increases hospital efficiency and enhances the patient experience. We offer total system design, manufacturing, installation and customer support to provide an integrated solution that enhances information access, cost efficiency, error reduction and most importantly, patient safety.
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