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Director Product Marketing - Pharmacy Automation  | Type: Full time  | Time limit: unlimited  | Denver, Colorado  | Employee
The Director of Product Marketing is responsible for the go-to-market strategy, leadership and management of the Pharmacy Automation product lines. She/he defines the product portfolio of that business line in that market and works across the organization to enable the successful go-to-market. The go-to-market includes the product marketing of the portfolio and the sales enablement in collaboration with Marketing.
  Online since: 15.05.2017
Business Development Manager UK  | Type: Full time  | Time limit: unlimited  | Redditch  | Employee
Do you like Business Development within the Healthcare market, and are you based in the UK?

HCS is looking for a Business Development Manager UK. The position is located in the UK, preferably LONDON area.

Click to learn more!

  Online since: 13.12.2016
MARKETING ASSISTANT INTERNSHIP  | Type: Full time  | Time limit: limited  | Maranello  | Internship
La risorsa inserita si occuperà principalmente delle seguenti attività:
​Analisi del mercato Healthcare nel quale opera Swisslog, con aggiornamento di Market Database e creazione di un Market Survey a supporto dell’analisi. L’analisi sarà sviluppata utilizzando Web, Datareport..;
​In collaborazione con il responsabile Sales Training, upload del materiale di training su piattaforma web;
​Supporto a Marketing per creazione Marketing tools (digitali principalmente) ed eventi;
Supporto al team Sales Enablement e Sales Europe nell'organizzazione dei viaggi e predisposizione note spese.

  Online since: 31.05.2016
SW MANAGER  | Type: Full time  | Time limit: unlimited  | Maranello  | Employee

  Online since: 18.05.2016
STAGE ASSISTENTE DI PROGRAMMAZIONE DELLA PRODUZIONE INDUSTRIALE  | Type: Full time  | Time limit: limited  | Maranello  | Internship
Il candidato/a sarà inserito bel reparto Operations e collaborerà a stretto contatto con il Responsabile di Produzione allo svolgimento delle seguenti attività:
Controllo approntamento, gestione packlist e supervisione alle spedizioni macchine
Controllo stato di avanzamento lavoro di commessa e reporting
Gestione controllo costi manodopera e materiali
Attività Kaizen in produzione ( attività lean Production)
Gestione Kanban in produzione studio rotazione articoli di magazzino per rendere efficaci il livello di stock di magazzino
Supporto all' attività dell' ufficio acquisti nella stesura contratti quadri con fornitori
Partecipazione agli audit qualitativi con fornitori
Coinvolgimento alla mappatura dei processi di produzione e ricerca attività di miglioramento.


Invia la tua candidatura al seguente indirizzo mail:

  Online since: 23.06.2017
Software Test Engineer  | Type: Full time  | Time limit: unlimited  | Denver, Colorado  | Employee
The Test Engineer writes, implements, and reports status for system test cases based on application and integration testing. Will perform system testing for integration of hardware, software and controls. Analyze test cases and provide regular progress reports. Implement automated test tools and strategies. Develop, maintain, and upgrade automated test scripts and architectures for application products and controls.
  Online since: 23.06.2017
Sales Assistant - Contract Administrator GPO/IDN  | Type: Full time  | Time limit: unlimited  | Denver, Colorado  | Employee
The Sales Assistant provides sales and contract administration support for the development, maintenance and promotion of targeted national and strategic accounts including but not limited to Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO), Integrated Delivery Networks (IDN) and Regional Purchasing Coalitions (RPCs). In this role, you will also have primary accountability for proposal support and development related to Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposals (RFP). Assistance with project estimating may be required at times in support of the Inside Sales team.
  Online since: 23.06.2017
Collections Analyst - Accounts Receivable  | Type: Full time  | Time limit: unlimited  | Denver, Colorado  | Employee
The Collections Analyst performs all customer service finance duties and is responsible for meeting all needs and expectations to support and assist our external and internal customers that include Service Operations Administrators, Inside Sales, Customer Support, NOC, Collection Analysts, and the Manager of Contract Administration. Pursue collections of past due parts, service and SSA invoices and provide administration to support CS business growth. Act as the customer’s advocate within the organization to recommend and/or implement changes essential to improving the level and quality of customer service collections and administration.
  Online since: 22.06.2017
Software Developer (m/w)  | Type: Full time  | Time limit: unlimited  | Ettlingen  | Employee
Schwerpunkt Materialfluss- und Lagerverwaltungssysteme
Wir suchen eine kundenorientierte Persönlichkeit mit Interesse am Projektgeschäft und Freude an Verantwortung. Sie überzeugen sowohl mit Fachwissen und Erfahrung als auch Ihrem natürlichen, gewandten Auftreten.

  Online since: 22.06.2017
Abschlussarbeit im Bereich Robotik (m/w)  | Type: Full time  | Time limit: limited  | Westerstede  | Internship
Operative Mitarbeit als Praktikant im technischen Bereich.
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